Business Standard Company

Since 1999 we perform distribution of goods from a global manufacturer —"MARS" company. 

In 2012 the business was transformed into a separate legal entity — OOO "Business Standard Company".

Today we are an official partner of "MARS" in the Perm region and the Sverdlovsk region. The business deals with two types of goods: pet food and chocolate.

We have unique expertise of  arranging distribution for impulse goods, pet food. We effectively develop sales through specialized trade channels: vet clinics, pet breeders, exhibitions, home delivery.

We provide our partners with the required territory cover, using the most efficient solutions, namely dedicated sales representatives, mix agents, van delivery, etc.

High standards and professionalism of sales teams enables us to reach maximum results in the quality of distribution.

Our range of services provides for trustful relationships with our partners and clients, enables us to make common long-term development plans.

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The result, responsibility, professionalism, honesty and simplicity — our core values!

The structure of our group of companies: