Corporate culture

Corporate group “Line 7” has unique cultural life famous with various events, aimed at forming traditions, transferring company values to the employees. Further you can read about some of them.

 Birthday of the company

July 16 is the company’s birthday! It is the most important and large-scale event, where not only our employees but also our partners are truly welcome. We have been to so many places and done so many things on this date: survived on an uninhabited island, done rock-climbing,  ventured into being doctors, Special Police Force and fire-fighters, we have also been collective farmers and even have visited ancient Udmurtiya using the time machine!

But whatever happens to us, the result is always a lot of positive emotions and a huge energy boost! Every event is filled with unique activities and has each time a different topic.


 The Club of Four

“The Club of Four” is a competition for being known as a top professional. There are four categories, as follows:

  • «Line perspective»;
  • «Line professional»;
  • «Reliability and authority»;
  • «Best practice»;

Employees are nominated and awarded once a quarter based on the results of their activity. The winners are chosen by a voting committee. Criteria for nominating in each category are described in detail in the Contest Charter. Every quarter the willers are rewarded with a diploma and a money prize, and for full year results the winners get a silver medal and a trip voucher for two people to travel abroad.

“The Club of Four” is our school of the line succession pool. Only the best employees participate in the competition. 


 Professional holidays

Celebrating professional holidays is a remarkable tradition  in our company. Driver’s Day, Bookkeeper’s Day, Warehouse Day are holidays that are especially genuine to us. Every holiday becomes not only a contest of professional skills, but also every time something new, special and unexpected!


Corporate newspaper “Semerochka”

The first issue of the corporate newspaper was published in November 2005. The main task of “Semerochka” is to inform employees about the life of our company, its achievements, implemented innovations, important events, problems and solutions, partners and very nice people, who work in “Line 7”.

It is interesting to know that every employee may not only read the newspaper, but also participate in its creation by sharing their thoughts, experience or asking questions to their colleagues.


Line bulletin

These are information boards that let employees know about the most important events of our company in a bright and cheerful way. Photos and funny comments on the boards are updated after every important event in the life of “Line 7” and its employees. 

 Annual Meeting 

In spring the company holds an annual meeting. This event is very popular among both employees and partners of the company. The first annual meeting was held in April 2004. This practice has demonstrated to be a coordinates system, which helps us understand what is happening, where we are and where we are going to.

Some important topics are raised at the meeting, for example:

  • Market situation
  • Previous year results
  • Current year objectives
  • Goals of the business for the following 5 years.
  • “The Club of Four” winners rewarding.


Within the scope of project named “The world of kindness”, in 2003 our company undertook patronage of the special school #152.