About our company

"Line 7" was founded in 1998 as a distributor for impulse products and tobacco. Within only five years the company became one of the leading distributor in Perm region.

2006 was the beginning of effective partnership with Nestle.

In 2007 the decision to develop logistics business was made. In order to accomplish this objective OOO “Logistic L7” was created (3 PL provider).

In 2010 we started working in Izhevsk and the Republic of Udmurtiya.

In 2012 business with Mars company was transformed into a separate legal entity — LLC "Business Standard Company".

In 2013 our company entered the market of Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovk Region.

In 2016 a branch in Kazan was opened.

Distribution and logistics are the key spheres of business. 

Our main values are:

Result is a benefit for a client.

Responsibility to clients, partners, Motherland and ourselves.

Professionalism is expertise.

Integrity: we are open for clients and each other.

Simplicity: nothing in excess or down with muda.

• Responsibility • Simplicity • Integrity • Professionalism • Result

Our main principles


Focusing our efforts and resources on key partners, clients, skills, markets.


We are developing a sustainable business and are concerned with common objectives, long-term relationships and mutual responsibility with our partners.


Development and implementation of rules, procedures and standards to improve the efficiency of our business processes.

Our story


1650 The number of employees
40000 Number of outlets
37400 Number of pallet seats
210 Number of units

1600 The number of employees
25000 Number of outlets
33600 Number of pallet seats
195 Number of units

1500 The number of employees
20500 Number of outlets
27600 Number of pallet seats
180 Number of units

“Baltika” project kick-off | “Heineken” project kick-off Read more

1300 The number of employees
16500 Number of outlets
24000 Number of pallet seats
183 Number of units

3PL project with Coca-Cola company started in Sverdlovsk region | Opening of a branch office in Kazan with customer basin in Kazan, the Republic of Tatarstan. | New logistics project with “Bristol”.

1200 The number of employees
15500 Number of outlets
20000 Number of pallet seats
150 Number of units

Opening of a branch office in Yekaterinburg with customer basin in Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk oblast. | Start of business with “Nestle – Purina” | Logistics contracts with "B.A.T" and "Belaya Dacha"

950 The number of employees
12500 Number of outlets
13700 Number of pallet seats
95 Number of units

Start of business in the Republic of Udmurtiya | Our company was included into top 8 distributors of “Nestle” in Russia.

750 The number of employees
5600 Number of outlets
8100 Number of pallet seats
77 Number of units

Construction of A category warehouse. | Start-up of LLC “Logistic L7” (3PL - provider) business | Logistics contract with CPW | Creation of financial administration as a structure unit of the company | Successful overcome of the financial crisis.

600 The number of employees
4500 Number of outlets
7000 Number of pallet seats
82 Number of units

Strategic partnership with Nestle. | Creation of logistics department and focus on relevant competencies | Company values and principles were defined. | Optimization of contracts portfolio. | Implementation of budgeting.

400 The number of employees
4300 Number of outlets
2400 Number of pallet seats
85 Number of units

Sart-up of business with “Mars” company. | Purchase of office and warehouse premises. | 1С implamentation.

320 The number of employees
1000 Number of outlets
1600 Number of pallet seats
30 Number of units

Establishment registration on July, 16 in 1998 | First cobtracts: “Chaka”, | “Chupa Chups”, “Wrigley”, “Van Melle”, “Frito-Lay, “JTI” | Successful overcome of the economic crisis.

50 The number of employees
300 Number of outlets
500 Number of pallet seats
2 Number of units

The structure of our group of companies: