What are we doing

We make a link between the biggest manufacturers of  FMCG market and retail units.

Key areas of our business are distribution and 3PL logistics

Our company supplies the full range of services to FMCG manufacturers and is one of the leading distributors in the Ural region.

Company’s range of products consists of more than 2000 items and includes food products, drinks, pet food and pet care products, personal hygiene products.

Our client base includes more than 15000 points of sales. We render services to clients with all types of trade channels for FMCG, including big local chains, independent retail sales, specialized trade channels. While working with our clients we actively use electronic data interchange system (EDI). 

Sales team consists of 600 sales reps and merchandisers, equipped with tablet computers for collecting orders and making online-reports. We use exclusive and mix agent teams.

Purchasing department maintains the necessary and agreed with manufacturers stock of goods, performing as well the control of products freshness.

Large experience of the employees and highly automated processes in purchasing sphere provide for high level of clients’ orders satisfaction.

Company’s credit policy includes the system of deferred payments from trade units. Our sales team always have real-time information about the status of payment settlements with clients.

We have large experience in arranging information flow form points of sales and a distributor to  FMCG manufacturer. Good integration with manufacturer’s information systems enables our partners to track the results online.

Everything described above helps us achieve high representation of our partners’ products in points of sales.

We continuously develop and invest into people and technologies. This provides for high level of service  – more than 98% of orders are delivered within 24 часа and on a full scale.


  • We paerform:
  • Receipt;
  • Placement;
  • Storage;
  • Selection of goods with any extent of packaging inclusion;
  • Processing;
  • Forming of documents set;
  • Shipment;

We manage  warehousing terminals with total storage volume of  24000 pallet positions.


  • WMS Solvo for automation of goods movement management inventory management.
  • Usage of RF terminals supports online recording and control in all areas of a warehouse.
  • Multipicking technology and modern racking equipment helps us achieve high level of efficiency.

We continuously optimize warehousing processes and do our best to use resources in a rational and efficient way. Our main goal is the best service for our clients and partners.


We provide:

  • Delivery within 24 hours;
  • Temperature control;
  • Cargo insurance;

Our fleet consists of 183 vehicles of various capacity. In our sites we have our own workshops, that makes it possible to reduce vehicles idle time and  to use vehicles efficiently. In case a delivery requires temperature control, it is performed using vehicles, equipped with split systems.


  • TMS for automatic planning of effective routs. The system takes into account: arrival time window, planned unloading time, road traffic, volume and weight limits.
  • All vehicles are equipped with GPS guidance and fuel level sensors. This helps us perform plan vs fact analysis of the routs.
  • For 24 hours delivery to remote areas CROSS DOCKING technology is used . Today we use 4 cross docking sites.